Aimed at helping business investors and their families gaining entry to Canada by making an investment in the country’s economic development and job creation, the Immigrant Investor Program is a government of Quebec initiative. This program is a subsidiary of a Quebec government agency.

Here French is the province’s official language while English is widely spoken in its larger cities and in business. Under this Investor Program, the revenues generated by the applicant’s investment are used to finance provincial business assistance programs for small and medium companies, as well as for the integration of immigrants and visible minorities in the workplace.

The applicants selected by Quebec under its Immigrant Investor Program grants them a Quebec Selection Certificate which allows the applicants and their families to request for a Permanent Residence and obtain a condition free visa from the Federal Government of Canada, and ultimately the right to apply for citizenship after meeting residency requirements.

Necessary Qualifications

  • Have minimum net assets worth $1,600,000 million CAD.
  • Have management experience for at least two years during the five years preceding the submission of an immigration application.
  • Have the intention to settle in Quebec, and sign an investment agreement with an authorized financial intermediary and investing $800,000 CAD for 5 years at 0% interest
  • Candidates who can demonstrate knowledge of French through a standardized test can submit an application at any time, and the government allows the submission of applications with no proof of French language proficiency at different periods of the year.

Investment Options
There are different ways to make the required investment in order to qualify for the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program. Investors can either deposit the full amount (Full Investment), or Finance the required amount (Financed Investment) from designated financial institutions.

Steps to Procedure

  • Submit the complete application as per the government’s guidelines and pay the fees. Note that applicants that meet French language requirements are processed on a priority basis.
  • Applicants are notified on their application is selected for processing.
  • Further applicants may be asked to attend a selection interview by the govt.
  • On qualifying interview applicants will receive the Intent to issue a Quebec Selection Certificate and requested to transfer their investment to their financial institution within 110 days.
  • The financial intermediary transfers the investment to the government and the government issues the Quebec Selection Certificates.
  • Applicant submits a request for a Permanent Resident Visa with Citizenship and Immigration Canada to complete medical and security checks.