The leading provinces of Canada, Manitoba has the reputation of being the favorite destination of worldwide immigrants, as thousands of immigrants migrate to Manitoba every year. One of the strongest economies in Canada Manitoba feels proud on its world class cities and excellent infrastructure facilities.

Why Choose Manitoba ?

  • Manitoba’s, public health care and Education system offers vast opportunities to new immigrants for work, education or for starting a business. Known for its high quality of free public health care and school systems. Manitoba has a moderately low cost of living as compared to other provinces in Canada.
  • Home to a variety of customs, traditions and cultures, Manitoba brings together peace and harmony. As per a survey report, more than 200 languages are spoken across Manitoba in Canada itself.
  • Manitoba’s breathtaking landscape beauty, clean and wonderful cities, open wide spaces and farmlands, mesmerizing locations, i.e. mountains, valleys, rivers and so on provides the best environment to live and move around.
  • The Labor and Immigration Minister of Canada recently gave a statement that enough funds and resources are being allocated to identify the foreign nationals in the country with higher education. He also announced necessary steps will be taken to connect between the employers and employees and that the Government has started working upon it and has designed the career services for immigrants to connect them with businesses and employers.
  • Manitoba has its own Immigration system, i.e. MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) which is one of the best points based immigration systems around. This program is very well structured to invite skilled workers, businessmen or investors and students in the province.
  • Candidates who want to apply as Skilled Workers Overseas here must show a strong connection to Manitoba either with the support of their family member, friends or through previous education or work experience in the province.

Skilled Workers Overseas
Candidates planning to apply as Skilled Workers Overseas should have strong connections in Manitoba either through the support of their family members, friends or through any previous educational, work experience or through having received an Invitation to Apply directly from the MPNP as part of its Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

 Eligibility Standards:

  • Minimum score of 60 points out of 100 are required from the Candidate.
  • The Candidates intention and ability to economically establish him or her is required to settle in the Canadian province of Manitoba as a permanent resident.
  • Candidates should posses CLB 4 in English (listening 4.5, Reading 3.5, Writing 4.0, Speaking 4.0)
  • A years’ work experience is required from the candidate living in Manitoba from the past five years.

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