The Prairie Province of Canada, Saskatchewan is a land of natural beauty, rich in resources and full of opportunities. Saskatchewan economy offers excellent innovative job and business prospects for its immigration applicants. The lifestyle here with its excellent infrastructure combined with Canada’s most historic sights and sounds make Saskatchewan a prime destination for immigrants from all over the world.

Why Choose Saskatchewan?

  • A booming economy that is creating opportunities for employment in all sectors of the province. The unemployment rate in Saskatchewan is currently less than 4 percent which is the lowest in Canada, thereby making Saskatchewan a good place to work in.
  • Saskatchewan’s cost of living is far less than the other provinces of Canada. The low housing costs and utility rates are complemented by the third lowest personal income tax rate in the country.
  • It has a high standard of living where the minimum wage is $10.20 and the family income is approximately $80,000, higher than that of what the Canadian’s average.
  • Quality of education to students international or local comes here at an affordable cost.
  • For the visitors coming to Saskatchewan’s you get to see a lot of adventure, its thrill as it is called the Land of Living Skies, by staring at the unlimited expanse of sparkling stars one will say that  truly Saskatchewan has everything big. See the Great Sand Hills where the desert moves with wind. Enjoy the wildlife from beavers to its provincial sharp tailed Grouse.
  • Saskatchewan uniqueness through the mix of people of various cultures and geography together has created a rich past, a vibrant present and a promising future.
  • So think nil number of times, just come, discover, invest, play and stay life here as you get once a lifetime to see the richness of Saskatchewan.