One of the largest province in Canada, Québec shares borders with Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. This province also neighbors with four American states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York.

Quebec’s Skilled Working program does not require a valid job offer from a Canadian or any Quebec employer. The program selects those candidates for permanent residence who become economically established and who have the intention of residing in Quebec.

Based on Quebec’s cultural uniqueness, the Quebec Skilled Worker program has specific qualifying criteria like an applicant can bring in their spouse, common law partner, and any dependent children on their application as well. Also, additional points are awarded to applicants with families, especially those with young children.

Why Chose Quebec?

  • Quebec an important economic hubs and is a leader in the IT and high-tech industries of North America. Many other multinational companies operate in Montreal as they benefit from a highly skilled, highly educated workforce that is able to function competitively amongst the other big states of the world.
  • Having the lowest costs of living among major industrialized countries, Quebec’s housing, food and clothing items of need, cost considerably less against those provinces of North America and Europe.
  • Quebec’s free of charge health care and its government subsidies on prescribed medication for senior citizen’s and those belonging to the lower income group, it offers essential medical care, hospitalization and prevention services are offered through a network of nearly 600 public and private establishments and several hundred medical clinics.
  • Features a modern curriculum on education system and advanced pedagogical method, the province of Quebec’s, makes it one of the best educational networks in the industrialized world.
  • Its skilled worker immigration program, different from other Canadian immigration programs help the applicant applying for getting permanent resident ship.
  • Another plus point is that the applications are now applied through the Mon Projet Quebec online portal where the applicants could create their profile in early 2016, and these applications will be submitted on June 13 2016.

For the year 2016;
Around 5000 applications will be announced later this year for the next intake for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Are you a holder of a bachelor degree in the field of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Genetics (MSc), Biophysics (Bach.), Accounting, Banking and Financial Operations, Marketing and Purchasing,

Engineering: Civil, Construction, Transportation; Earth Sciences; Food (Engineering or Sciences and Technology); Physical; Industrial and Administrative.

Translation (either English or French and another language)

Persons holding degrees as listed with few years of work experience can apply for the Quebec Skilled Worker program without any prior knowledge of French.

The main criterion to qualify as a Regular Program Quebec Skilled Worker is getting enough points in the Points Grid for Quebec Immigration.

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