Nova Scotia being one of the densely populated of Canada’s provinces, has its capital city is Halifax. Nova Scotia’s total area is only 20,400 square miles having approximate population just below 1 million people with majority English-speaking and just about 4 percent speaking French. Apart to Coal-mining being a significant economic part of life in Nova Scotia, agriculture, particularly poultry and dairy farms, fishing, forestry and energy along with I.T, Education, and Engineering are another big part to Nova Scotia’s economy.

Why Nova Scotia?

1. Vital hub of too many opportunities –
Nova Scotia, being a hub of too many investment opportunities apart to work and education, has low living cost. With high growth in financial services, several investment opportunities are booming in businesses ranging from sectors alike agriculture and forestry to healthcare and tourism. Nova Scotia as on date is the host of largest number of universities as per population with all needful amenities to prosper.

2. Communal Harmony –
Well known for its age old traditional values for social justice, Nova Scotia is a province with rich culture and heritage. Therefore, living in Nova Scotia enables all there to enjoy lots of legal privileges. As a home to family-friendly atmosphere, has various communities living together with harmony and peace. Also, it has too many bright options to establish oneself there and grow successfully.

3. Affordable cost of living –
The average selling price of houses in Halifax in 2017 was $298,507 and the Provincial average is much lower, just $229,123 according to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Apart to this, another fact is the average commuting distance is just 6.5 km—that’s almost 2 kilometres shorter than other provincial averages.

4. Welcoming ambiance for immigrants –
As stated above, Nova Scotia having lot many growth opportunities and that to with a mix of cultural heritage, is always ready with warm welcome to immigrants with best possible cooperation. Facing a population challenge, Nova Scotia knows very well that the large number of immigrants that come and settle within the province each year, are vital for its economic success. Therefore, the immigration authorities at Nova Scotia are trying their best to make the process of Permanent Residency more convenient and flexible as much as possible.

Planning to immigrate!

Having good future prospective in Nova Scotia, if anyone is planning to immigrate, applicant needs to be aware of the fact that ‘Province Nominee Program’ and ‘Express Entry Program’ are interconnected. All the provinces and territories have agreements with the government allowing them to select a number of immigrants depending on their regional requirements and needs. Hence the term ‘Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)’ means that the Province gets to selects the immigrants and nominates them.

After which the Federal Government issues the selected immigrants and gives them their Permanent Residence visas, only after the immigrants satisfactorily clear their medical examinations and their police/security clearance is acceptable. Ontario, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia is currently accepting the applications without any job offer. To move ahead, below are mentioned two programs, potentially good for the one who’s willing to migrate –

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

The Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream enables only those candidates, having already applied for the federal Express Entry system, along with the condition to fulfill the provincial labour market requirements, to apply for provincial nomination in Nova Scotia. Thereafter, receiving a ‘Letter of Interest’ from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration, candidates can apply. Furthermore, the candidate has also to qualify the following criteria –

  • To receive a ‘Letter of Interest’ from the Nova Scotia Nominee Program within the Express Entry system;
  • Submission of application within 30 calendar days of the issuing date of the received ‘Letter of Interest’;
  • Fulfill the minimum work experience requirements of your qualifying ‘Express Entry’ stream;
  • Demonstrate sufficient funds to establish successfully along with your family in Nova Scotia and also for the immigration costs and travel expenses to be paid;
  • Bearing a legal status in your current country of residence;
  • And ensuring to maintain the eligibility criteria that qualified you at the time of receiving the ‘Letter of Interest’ from the province.

‘Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry’ – Category-B

The Nova Scotia Demand – Express Entry stream shortlists highly skilled individuals, wishing to live in Nova Scotia permanently, who have a much possibilities of quickly finding a job in Nova Scotia’s labour market. The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration is authorized to consider only certain types of occupations for nomination, depending on current labour market scenario. To apply under this Category B, need to qualify below requirements –

  • Applicant is among targeted occupations, identified in the Nova Scotia Demand-Express Entry guide;
  • Having a profile registered in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Express Entry system;
  • Must be scoring at least 67 points or much in the stream’s six selection factors;
  • Need to have at least 1 year of skilled work experience in one of our target occupations;
  • Must be having a Canadian high school credential or equivalent;
  • Be able to prove language ability in English or French at Canadian Language Benchmark 7;
  • Capable to reflect enough financial resources to successfully settle in Nova Scotia.

Apart to the above specifications, there are various other concerned factors, which needs appropriate consideration to actually move ahead with visa-application for Canada under a particular category. Therefore, to have a clear understanding of this complex immigration procedure and visa categories, it’s too important to be in touch with experienced and reliable visa consultancy for qualitative professional services.

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