IELTS Speaking Test Purpose, Format & Evaluation

Dec 13, 2017

Speaking is interactive and close to real life situation especially when one gives it as a test. Most of people go through these tests as is required a proper band to clear the speaking skill test to grow ahead.

In speaking the content of the test is same as that of IELTS Academic and IELTS general training tests.

Purpose of Test

The IELTS speaking test designed for testing a candidate’s wide range of skills are examined to see how well he/she can do. In this an examiner checks the general skills of creativity and knowledge of his/her surroundings. Communicating opinions and information on everyday topics or other related, a candidate needs to elaborate the topic asked on and that he/she must convince the examiner with genuine meaning of the topic.


The examiner checks the language or the grammar of the English and pronunciation of the English words with particular length of the material. Organize your Idea Coherently: collect all the ideas and do proper homework so to present in front of the examiner with proper grammar and sense.

Express and Justify Opinions

Analyze, discuss and speculate about issues being asked for like what is your point of view, or suggestions or adding value to the topic so to represent in a good tone in front of them.

Speaking Time

The IELTS Speaking Test takes 11-14 mints to be over. So speak at length on a given topic considering the topic & time going on in your mind.

Test Format

Part 1 Introduction & Interview 4 to 5 mints Examiner will introduce him or herself and will ask you the same to introduce yourself confirming your identity. Also the examiner asks you general questions on familiar topics. Example home, family, work, and interests. This section begins with giving you a relax feel so can answer quickly and easily
Part 2 Individual Long Turn 3 to 4 mints Examiner asks a particular topic to talk that includes your suggestions. Here you will be given time to prepare the topic and make notes. Afterwards to talk about in 1 to 2 mints on the topic. Here you have to talk continuously. Also examiner can ask 2to 3 question the same topic. So be ready.
Part 3 Two way Discussion 4 to 5 mints Examiner asks you questions related to Part 2 topic but in detail. These questions are designed so you give an opinion to discuss more abstractly on the issues.


Candidates will be assessed on performance in exam to qualify ahead.

The criteria to pass Speaking IELTS Test includes: Fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range, accuracy and pronunciation. Scores are then reported as whole and half bands.