How to Score High in IELTS exam

Jan 19, 2018

If you want to do job in abroad, study there for higher studies then you have to clear the Ielts exam, it is a very important test. To get good band in the exam, you have to get admission in an IELTS for the preparation of course. Here we discuss about “how to score high in the exam”.

Use time

In the exam you receive two things one is a booklet with all questions and other is the answer sheet. This is an important thing because all the answers must be recorded on that sheet. Some time student make mistake and write only answers in the answer sheet, but it is wrong, if you are only writing answers on the answer sheet, your answers won’t be taken into account and scored.

So many students first write their answers in the booklet and then transfer to the answer sheet that makes the work double and note time is less. So we are suggesting you to fill answer sheet as flow and not at the end.

Leave difficult question

Don’t spend too much time on the single question that you find difficult because in exam your single time is very important and valuable. Because of that single question you can lose all the easy questions and also lose points. If you are facing some difficult question then just leave them and move on. This way you can focus all the questions and on end you can return to your undone or difficult questions.

Read the text to remember.

When your reading section starts, first step is to read the text, and understand it properly and read it again to get full understanding of the passage. You also don’t have that much time. So we suggest you to read the task and questions first and think about all the information that need to find the answer to those questions while reading.

Practice many times before real exam

This is the best way for the preparation of the exam. You can learn, what are your weakness and the strength. You can learn how to answer the each question. This way you can divide your time.