Denmark Immigration

About Denmark

Denmark, a Scandinavian liberal country is a group of islands that gives respect to all religion, supports same sex marriage and is one of the most livable countries in the world. Ranked as one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities on the earth due to its population using bicycles as transportation, Denmark acts and sets a beautiful example for the rest of the world in controlling pollution.

On the education side, Denmark has risen to the dais in comparison to other countries like USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. By providing a whole lot of courses and that too in English, Denmark gives you the best reason to make your future dependent on it. The educational system in Denmark keeps on innovating and progressing in challenge to needs of the updated world. The students studying over here gets the added advantage to go on out anywhere in the world with confidence. Another advantage is that “earn while you learn” that is while studying you have the option of working as well.

Academic qualifications

On the educational level, your degree earned by you from your country, it should be equivalent to that of a Denmark’s degree/diploma/secondary education and also depending upon the ranking of the college, university, institution you graduated from. The factors required in the eligibility section helps you to understand more of the required qualifications immigration.


Only one factor (education or work experience) is considered as per Denmark’s adaptability. For being adaptable in Denmark, visit the eligibility criteria section on education and work experience required.
Better living Standard

Living standards in Denmark are high in relation to the other developed countries, with better health, government services and a good liberal life, that all are a beneficial factor in Denmark. We assist you in providing and acquiring all the related documents so that you become a part of the Danish sustainable society and its technology. One of the major factors of the Danish society is that, after becoming its citizen, these citizens are entitled for the SSN (Social Security Number)

Bonus Points

For the points you get on different factors mentioned in the eligibility area, the addition of these bonus points or the maximum number of points that you scored makes it possible for you to get a work and residence permit that is based solely upon the points earned on the judging factors.
Danish Green Card Scheme

Highly skilled workers require this document to work in Denmark or the individuals those who have fulfilled the necessary eligible criteria are available for the Danish working environment. With this document, a whole lot of schemes are made available to the individual holding the Green Card like free education, free medical services and many more. Also it helps you get access to the future doors you had never imagined.
Employment Opportunities

Pride in having a healthy lifestyle and work balance, Denmark offers its welfare model that includes the working conditions, social support networks, maternity leave and childcare facilities. Working in Denmark will definitely help you achieve your career dreams that would flourishingly support you while you are working as a student or as a professional.
Enjoying a high flexibility of work, the Danish people are able to balance between their career and the family. The work life in Denmark has been imitated by other countries as well, that how they are able to get a good standard of living. We at Visa Solutions, guarantee the assistance you require to reach this country with full of reasons to explore and make the best out of you at a time when the world is looking for more of individuals like you that would help them grow in their endeavors. So get in touch with us today, make the best use of this opportunity available and file your immigration procedure through confidence with The Visa Solution.


Points are to be scored under the Danish Green Card, to avail its scheme, which includes on the following factor,

Language Skills
Work Experience,
Adaptability and Age

For education as already mentioned, it should be equivalent to a Danish degree that provides you to earn more points On language, knowledge of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German are necessary to obtain the points where you will be required to show that you have passed an exam equivalent to a Danish Language or provide a document that you have passed the language test. The number of year you have worked as a researcher or in a field of work helps you earn points for your experience. For claiming the adaptability points you are judged depending on your education and your years of work experience. The points are claimed only on one factor, education or work experience and not on both. The age factor also provides you the points for obtaining the Green Card.