Craze to go overseas among Indians

May 24, 2017

Every year, thousands of Indians migrate to developed nations for profit-driven jobs, better lifestyle or higher education especially the students who fulfil their dreams in such beautiful places and of course can invite their parents for touring or sightseeing thereafter.  Those who have educational opportunities would enjoy golden chances of culture exchange too.

In Punjab people are so smitten by the facilities and security provided abroad. In the light of the future they see, Canada and Australia are the so called developed and vibrant nations to settle down. This is even more interesting to visit attraction spots over there such as Niagara Falls, Toronto’s CN Tower Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef and so on. All these benefits widen individual’s horizons for better career and personal development. In India, it is the ultimate goal of a student to seek higher studies as major in abroad since they are concerned about their prospective career and life in this competitive era. It is surprising that studying or working abroad are like valuable tags in the marriage as Indian society see it as high esteem. It is actually a fact that people on foreign land are successful for their studies which they pursue in top notch universities, colleges and institutes over there.

Well, it is not a piece of cake to study or work abroad because it requires proper process to apply for a visa as per the country regulations. It may include proof of sufficient financial funds, no criminal record against your name, good health clinical records; accepted English proficiency test (ILETS, TOEFL), valid passport, letter of acceptance, Academic documents, identity proof, recent passport size photos, letter of explanation etc. Getting your visa takes sometime but can be easy if you are able to fulfil the requirements for a visa. A student needs to examine the university along with course he can apply for under the guidance of expert consultants. But he can’t apply for visa until he has been accepted on to a course you wish to study in chosen destination country. These systems and acceptance processes vary with country, for instance, to study in Australia, you will need to proof sufficient financial resources to support living expenses as well as course tuition fee. Furthermore, in general, a student is permitted to work for 20 hours per week as part-time employment for the duration of course however it can be for full time on weekends.

Canada continues to be the most preferred place which attracts volume of Indian students. They may take up academic or job oriented courses. For dependents, spouses can accompany for full time job.   Definitely it offers many advantageous experiences for an international student to study a foreign language, taking in a new incredible culture and exposure to different education styles in the host country. And for sure students feel happy about their new exciting entertainment activities and interests in designated country in addition to what they get is very valuable education for a potential lucrative job.