BC Province Nominee Program

Designed to help British Columbia to meet its economic and immigration needs, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) is an economic immigration program. In this category the entrepreneurs and the investors are selected as per BCPNP, who are ready to invest in the British Columbian economy to create jobs for its Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

This Program is in collaboration with the federal government through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The applications and nominated candidates for permanent residence are assessed by the Provincial Nominee Program; thereafter the CIC makes the final decision on each application and then issues the permanent resident visas to the successful applicants. The potential investors coming here through this program receive most social benefits like health care coverage and university education.

Here comes, two type of Business Immigration in BCPNP

Business Skills Category
The Business Skills and the regional category requirement includes that the candidate can establish a new business or purchases or expand an existing one, depending on the financial requirements that vary according to the location where the applicant intends to settle, with having

  • A personal net worth of more than CAD$ 800,000
  • Making personal investment of minimum CAD$ 400,000
  • Create at least 3 new full time position for a Canadian or Permanent Resident

The Regional Business Category requirement, includes

  • the candidates having personal net worth more than CAD$ 400,000
  • Makes personal investment of minimum CAD$ 200,000
  • Create at least 1 new full time position for a Canadian or Permanent Resident

File Processing

• Preparation and business research before registering.
• Register with the BC PNP and pay related fees.
• The provincial government invites selected registrants to apply.
• Apply under the program with the required forms and full supporting documents, cover related fees, engage a qualified supplier to prepare a net worth report and attend an interview.
• Upon approval, the applicant is invited to sign a Performance Agreement and will be issued with a Letter of Confirmation to obtain a work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
• Obtain work permit valid for 2 years and implement the business plan in British Columbia. Upon meeting the requirements of the Performance Agreement within twenty months of signing it, a final report is sent to the Provincial Nominee Program.
• The provincial government nominates successful applicants and issues a Letter of Acceptance allowing them to request permanent residence to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.